Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Open Minds Open Doors


Welcome to my blog spot. My name is Jeanmarie Tenuto, owner and CEO of Centaur Strategies based 12 miles from Manhattan. Over the last 15 years, we have assisted so many businesses to get launched or grow with new techniques and strategies that reach a specific target market with a need for those products or services or both. Over the last ten years, I noticed that my personal interests began to shift into areas of larger meaning to society in general.

Some of these issues may generate a big "So What!" from many. But for me, these issues give rise to other concerns: if we aren't paying attention to things happening around us, who exactly will be responsible for those issues. Its about igniting something different outside of our day to day tasks. Each day I learn that our world is not really that large at all. That we each share in our struggles and our joys. I wish to put forth information tied into a deeper sense of our environment, our location, our economics, our laws, our values, our ethics and most importantly a connection to each other that requires more compassion and hope that we are all very much alike and wish for the same things.

This is the first blog in a series of what I hope to be many called Open Minds Open Doors. I hope to bring new stories from other places, thoughts from other thinkers and solutions to other problems that will rise your consciousness and raise it just enough that it will raise your neighbors.

It is a mixed media initiative where writing, radio and video will be used when appropriate. The first is a video series regarding the border control of indigenous cultures in Arizona. This was created in February 2010 and prior to the recent (May 2010) events that have been occurring there regarding Arizona's heavy hand with its border. I certainly don't wish to take credit for the future thinker but rather take this as a clear sign that we need to understand each other much much more and with compassion and sincerity. I'm not an advocate of supporting crime or supporting violence. By far. Rather I am advocate of resolving issues that are in balance with a few who may have caused harm by not causing such drastic harm to so many who are innocent bystanders. Like our Japanese Americans camped for the Japanese military bombing Pearl Harbor. Could this have been managed differently? Was this truly an appropriate reaction in our free society to take? I ask these same questions when looking to these border control issues.

Thank you in advance for giving us your twenty minutes to learn of something new in your world. I would love your feedback.

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